Game mode

When Kaspersky application runs in full-screen mode together with some other applications (particularly computer games), the following issues may occur:

To avoid changing the settings of Kaspersky application manually every time you switch to full-screen mode, you can use Game mode. If Game mode is being used and you are playing or working with applications in full-screen mode, Kaspersky application does not run scan and update tasks and does not display notifications.

To enable Game mode:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click Settings button in the lower part of the main window.

    This opens the Settings window.

  3. Go to Performance settingsPC performance optimization.
  4. Select the Game Mode check box.

You can also select the Do not Disturb Mode check box. In this mode, you do not see notifications if you're actively working in some applications, also scan and update tasks are not started.

As long as the Game Mode or Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, you will also not see notifications from Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection and Kaspersky Password Manager applications installed on the same device.

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