Command line parameters for Virus Removal Tool+

04 апреля 2018

ID 129599

To run Virus Removal Tool+ 2015 in the console mode with parameters, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Run dialog. To learn how to do it, click a link that refers to your operating system:
  2. Move the application executable file to the Run dialog. The file path will be displayed in the Open field.
  3. Complete the line with the necessary parameters.

Virus Removal Tool+ can be run with the following parameters:

--kvrt-trace — enable trace collection.

--kvrt-freboot — enable Advanced mode.

--kvrt-d <folder_path> — specify the path to reports, Quarantine, and trace files. By default, the following folder is used: C:\KVRT_Data.

--kvrt-accepteula — accept the License Agreement.

--kvrt-silent — run anti-virus in silent mode.

--kvrt-adinsilent — active disinfection without displaying graphical user interface of anti-virus core.

--kvrt-processlevel <level> — threat levels of objects that need to be neutralized in the console mode:

1 — neutralize objects with high threat level;

2 — neutralize objects with high and moderate threat levels;

3 — neutralize objects with high, moderate, and low threat levels.

--kvrt-fixednames — disable file name randomization.

--kvrt-moddirpath — specify the folder with anti-virus databases.

--kvrt-dontcryptsupportinfo — disable encryption of trace files/reports/dump files.

--kvrt-fupdate — the utility will prompt for update.

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